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Q is for Quarry.
In my ongoing re-read /inspiration/learning quest (and in anticipation of the soon to be released V is for Violence in November of this year) I picked up Q is for Quarry over the weekend. This is 17th book in the Kinsey Milhone series and while I adore Sue Grafton’s work, this was not exactly my favorite of the series. Grafton is a master of pacing, giving both Kinsey and the reader just enough time to catch our breath in between scenes. I found this one just a tad slower than the usual pace of the books. That being said, this is still excellently crafted. The plot is complicated, with players coming and going throughout, but no end is left loose. Misdirection and mounting frustration build throughout the book until I wanted to throw it around the room (fortunately calmer senses prevailed and I didn’t propel my Nook across the room.). Even if I had though, I would have picked it right up again. Only one complaint, there is a subplot involving Henry that seems a little less gracefully worked than usual.  The answers are found later in the series, but it is a bit confusing if you were a first time reader. I also found myself getting a little annoyed with Kinsey and her attitude toward family. She has questions and there are living relatives to answer them. Perhaps I am projecting my own adoption issues onto Kinsey, but I wanted to tell Kinsey, stop whining, just sit down and have a talk already, it won’t kill you. Fortunately, 17 books into the series, I think that Grafton has earned the right to extend her questions across books, and even let her characters while just a little bit.

My review: 4 of 5 tars this time.

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