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Meet Harper Blaine.  She is tough, gritty and makes her living as a private investigator.  She also sees ghosts. But not just ghosts,Harper sees the Grey – the place that exists between this world and the next – overlaid like a veil on everything she sees.  It also means that spot the others in this world – Vampires and other supernatural creatures. She has been manipulated by these forces and now is realizing just how far they have gone to make her what she is.
This is the 5th book in the Greywalker series, and for those new to the game, probably not the best place to start since it is tying up a long story arc that began in the first book.  As always, the story is fast moving, and Richardson has a knack for adding just enough detail about the scene without cluttering the writing.  Some of the story lines here have been pulled through all the way from the first book, including those wonderful details that at the time stood out, and suddenly make sense.  Richardson does extensive research on her books, as talked about on her webpage ( and it definitely shows.   Harper has moved through denial, anger, to acceptance of her new abilities and the strange world it has opened up for her.  Now in this book is she learning what her power really means.  She is dealing with issues from her past, and in a way growing.   Only one observation this time – I love Kat Richardson’s books, I really do, but I found myself frustrated a little bit that Harper this time who seems to be determined to be so hard boiled and independent it reduces her love interest, a strong and fascinating character on his own, to begging for her to let him in on the story.

My review this time – 4 out of 5 stars.

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