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A woman’s work is never done – especially when that woman is a grim reaper – the Grim Reaper in fact. Turns out, the job is exhausting, but it does have its advantages, like solving crimes. When you can simply ask the dead who it was who killed them, it’s all fairly routine at this point for Charlotte “Charley” Davidson. So what happens when Charley runs into a someone who isn’t dead, but apparently isn’t really alive either? Who also happens to be really really hot? Well, even a Grim Reaper has problems.

I have to say, I love this book. When it was first recommended to me, I was hesitant to go for yet another entry into the somewhat overpopulated hard-as-nails-private-detective-chick grouping, as much as I admire strong female characters, there seem to be a lot of female private detectives in the Urban Fantasy genre The first chapter lured me in however. Darynda Jones has created a character that has just the right amount of sarcastic attitude, enough internal conflict to propel an entire series, and of course, has managed to build a solid mystery. She even solved the end leaving room for the soon to be released Second Grave on the Left without leaving you on a cliffhanger.

The pacing is very tight here with two separate and unrelated plots woven around one another skillfully. While they aren’t really related – neither one is relegated to subplot – those are present too and resolved neatly as well. Jones has a clear vision of who her characters are, and shares just enough of their back-stories that we want to know more about them, but again, we are spared a long, boring info dump. Our characters are very busy, no sitting around in introspection, and even when that is exactly what they are doing – the introspection is just as busy as the main storylines and ultimately very much a part of the plot. Information is given as needed. My only observation is that if anything, there are characters introduced who are parts of various storylines that we probably would have liked to know a little more about. Jones is writing with the premise that you will be intrigued enough that you will want to read the next book to find out what she left out this time. In this case at least, she is right.

My Review this time -4 out of 5 stars

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