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So far my first few days of ROW80 is a success. I spent a bit of time seriously considering what reasonable goals are to me, and having a talk with M about what is reasonable for our lifestyle overall. I am particularly blessed in that M is extremely supportive of my writing dreams, and he agreed on the proposed shifts in things. That done, I actually did do what I had scheduled for myself. I outlined both the plot and the MC for the short I have going this week. I did a LOT of research on what I needed to know for this as well, and actually started writing the initial scenes – about a third of the way done.  The deadline for this is July 15, so I am not on schedule for my terms.  The focus for the rest of the week will be about word count. Normally when I start writing, the first thing I do is to go back and edit what I did yesterday – checking that I am still following the same outline, or making adjustments as needed then add new.  Since I am writing a short and already have the outline, this time I intend to plow through to the goal (5k) in the next couple of days and then edit.  It feels a little like having one hand tied behind my back to try to do it this way, but I think since it is so short, it will be better overall.


  • Huzzah for a good start!
    I’m also “shifting things” in order to make better progress in my writing.

  • Julie Glover says:

    It’s so nice to have support on the homefront! Sounds like you’re kicking it off well. Best wishes for ROW80!

    I need to get crackin’ on my ROW80 goals!

  • Jess says:

    Great progress Rebekah! I’m very proud of you. I’m also concentrating less on word count and more on focusing efforts on really crafting my story carefully.

    It’s hard to NOT focus on word count when we have such prolific friends cranking out novels left and right…you and I can be the slow and sure tortoises in the back. 😉

    • LOL yes Jess, and that is the ultimate reason I dont like the word count contests – it forces you to compete with your friends, and then feel like you are not putting enough effort in or something.

      Sitting Bull was called Slow Turtle for the first half of his life before the incident that earned him his name – and look what he managed without writing a single word! LOL

  • Cinette says:

    I tend to backtrack endlessly in my writing, having to make it perfect before moving on, so my word count tends to lag behind. Once I read that Dean Koontz will edit page one 32 or more times before writing page 2, I didn’t feel so bad about it any more.

  • deniz says:

    Congratulations! How great that you might actually be finished the story soon. Wish I had a short story idea 🙂

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