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*** 3 stars of 5

I am a big Star Wars fan.  My whole family are big Star Wars fans.  We had every toy made, and I spent hours and hours making sure every single sticker was on exactly right. My husband asked me out on our first date because I had the Cantina theme as a ringtone on my phone.  When I introduced my husband (then fiancé) to my brother, the first question my brother asked was “Who shot first?” It goes on, but suffice to say, when I say I wanted to like this series, I’m not kidding.  I wanted to, I stayed with it for all 3 books.  After all, this is the new canon, approved by the Disney/ Lucasfilm conglomeration that will bring the Star Wars Galaxy back to glory.  Except, I didn’t like it.  In fact I found myself having to go back and listen to passages again because my attention had drifted away.

The main storylines are OK, although it doesn’t really do what it seemed to set out to do – bridge the gap between Return of the Jedi to where Force Awakens begins.  The agonizing part for me is that picking the main storylines out is difficult.  There are so many interludes and vignettes inserted in the books that keeping track of what is part of the main story, what is setting the scenes, and what is foreshadowing doom at some later date beyond the books, just isn’t clear. The main bevy of characters, some new, some very familiar, are fine, and we see a lot of development and growth in them, but it feels like the books just take on way to much at the expense of things we would have liked to know more about – what actually happened on Kashyyk for example.   I kind of feel like the author missed the big opportunity here.

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